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Meeting Agenda For September 2014

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September 2 - An Evening with Reichart

Our friend, Baron Reichart von Wolfsheild, let me know that he expects to be in Southern California for a few days the end of August. He leaves his home in Hawaii as seldom as possible – wouldn’t you feel the same?

Invention USA, History Channel LogoYou will remember on his last visit he introduced us to Invention USA, the American reality television series on the History channel. The series featured inventor and technologist Reichart Von Wolfsheild and Scotty Ziegler as they traveled around America to oversee the work of amateur inventors. You will also remember his outstanding Marine Aquarium, which was a favorite screen saver.

Because he’s not often here, I do like to give him a Tuesday when it can work it into his and our schedules. It’s really quite special that he’s willing to come talk to us. At this point, I don’t know exactly what he will be talking about, but he is always interesting.

For those who haven’t enjoyed his past presentations, Reichart Von Wolfsheild is an American inventor, technologist, and artist. Reichart Von Wolfsheild became interested in computers at a young age, and built his first CPU from scratch when he was in his early teens. He has since gone on to a long and successful career in both art and technology. He began working for MTV in the early 80s, helping develop the technology surrounding music videos. He launched his own company, devoted to Artificial Intelligence development soon after. He has worked on the development of multiple video games, and helped develop the first modern multi-player game. He has designed toys and weapons, as well. His clients have included Disney, Boeing, Dreamworks, and Mattel. He is the co-host of the History Channel series, Invention USA alongside Scotty Ziegler.

September 9 - Tech Talk with Jay Ross

Tech Talk with Jay RossThis is a tentative date for Jay to once again share his knowledge with us. He is always willing to answer questions which help those whose computers are acting up or not performing as expected.

He will talk about Windows 7 to help everyone still using that version of Windows take advantage of the best features as well as keep everyone up to date with Windows 8 and anything new we should know about.

Jay has a knack of explaining the most difficult technical terms in a way we can understand.

USGS LogoSeptember 16 - Understanding Earthquakes: Science, Monitoring, Impacts, and Preparedness

Our guest for this meeting will be Erin Burkett, Staff Scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey. She will be speaking in particular on how the advances in technology have aided the USGS in monitoring, the possibility of predicting in the future, and the USGS resources which will be of great interest to us.

Recent earthquakes like the La Habra (M5.1), “Shamrock Shake” (M4.4), and others felt lately by Southern California residents and stirring up media attention in the past months have been ‘gentle’ (geologically-speaking) reminders that we live in earthquake country. A sufficient understanding of earthquakes can help us turn fear of the unknown and unexpected into an accepting appreciation of the geologic forces within the land we live on, and the knowledge of how to live safely with earthquakes empowers us to address our vulnerabilities. This talk will help provide the geologic context of earthquakes, the fault complexities and risks specific to Southern California, the science and technologies being used to monitor seismic activity, and resources available to stay up-to-date on the science and preparedness tips you’ll want to know before the next damaging quake.

September 23 - Technology in Today’s Automobiles

Al & Ed's Autosound LogoWe’ll once again welcome our friend, John Haynes, back to bring us up to date on the latest advances in automobile technology. Al & Ed’s Autosound provides the features which enhance driving, entertainment and safety.

Tonight we will find out which are requested the most, etc. It is important for us to learn about the improvements available which make our cars safer and more enjoyable and John will give us all the details.

September 30 - The Long Game: Protecting Your Data, Your Privacy and Your Person in the Twenty First Century

It’s been a long time since we’ve had David Perry visit TUGNET. We first knew him as a representative of Trend-Micro and we learned about PC-cillin and the still effective www.housecall.trendmicro.com for a free virus scan. David was their Global Director of Education for many years and a recognized expert on the threats of the day.

F-Secure LogoMr. Perry now with F-Secure as their threat Strategeist. How things have changed over the years as to the type of threats we now face!

David is “Educating the public about defense in their digital existence has been the work of my entire adult life." In this session, he will share an intelligence overview of just how things are, and will present what I believe the absolute best protection the world can offer. As always, there will be special offers for the user group community.

I promise you won’t want to miss this presentation.

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