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WELCOME to the TUGNET interactive experience. Our Club is all about members sharing ideas, problems and experiences for the benefit of all members.

Every Tuesday at 7:00PM
Granada Pavilion
11128 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA

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Meeting Agenda For July 2014

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July 1 - Pot Luck, Bingo

We’ll start off this Independence Day week and the “Lazy Days of Summer” (I’d like to talk to the person who came up with that notion) with our annual Summer Pot Luck, followed by another Bingo night as has been requested by many of our members.

We will dine on the dishes contributed by our members and enjoy each other’s company. Keep in mind that you are welcome to come even if you can’t prepare a dish but then we do ask for a contribution so we can add additional food as needed. A $10 contribution is suggested, as it has been in the past. Keep in mind to bring serving spoons if required for your dish.

Following our dining experience, we will enjoy a friendly game of Bingo. Previously, the Bingo nights had been scheduled on the fifth Tuesday, but July has five Tuesdays, so we decided to include it with a Pot Luck to begin the month this summer. Of course there will be prizes for those who have the winning games.

I hope you will come enjoy this Tuesday evening with us.

P.S. Have you sent your RSVP for Tuesday, July 15?


July 8 - Advantages of the SIG Meetings - Part 2

Come to this meeting and learn what is going on in more of the SIG meetings. We will hear from the Financial, Basics and Beyond, Astronomy, Mobile Devices and Linux SIG members. Each of these groups’ members specialize in a particular interest, meeting monthly to share what they know and learn from each other.

Tonight you may find a common interest with one or more that you will enjoy.

I hope we will see you as updates to next week’s gala Reunion and Anniversary Party will be discussed. I sure hope you have RSVP'ed by now!


July 15 - Anniversary Party & Reunion

Isn’t it exciting that TUGNET will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary this month? Yes, it was 30 years ago that TUGNET became an official non-profit, recognized by the State and the IRS. It has certainly come a long way and I think we are all proud of this milestone.

I hope you have responded with your RSVP to the recent invitation that was sent. The planning committee has been working on a number of features that I know you will enjoy. Some of our past members are coming to renew acquaintances, which will make for a splendid time in itself, plus there will be other special guests you will enjoy seeing.

There are some surprises in store for you as well, so I hope you won’t miss this very special night in the life of TUGNET.

July 22 - Connecting with Relaxation

What a perfect topic for a July meeting! All these lazy days of summer, right? Of course, they are not really lazy for TUGNET members since we have a lot going on. But relaxing, in addition to having things to do, is a very important part of our lives.

Do we know how to properly relax? For some it may be hard because of guilt feelings about not attending to some matters at hand, or because it feels like goofing off when there are chores to perform, or just because there is so much on one’s mind, it’s hard to decide what should come first. Enter Shirley Vinock, whose appearance was suggested by one of our members. Shirley Vinock specializes in relaxation techniques. She’ll acquaint us with a “Journey for Focus,” showing us the proper techniques to use to make the best use of the time we have.

Her specialty is helping people reduce stress, improve sleep, and other problems such as fear of flying, weight and pain management and stopping the smoking habit. Shirley has impressive credentials which apply to her speaking on this topic and more. There will something included in this meeting that can help each one of us, so do come hear what she has to say.

As I said, her visit was recommended by one of members, so take advantage of this opportunity.

July 29 - Easy Time Management

Many of us have benefitted from previous visits by Bruce Aronson, so we are welcoming him back this week. The tips he includes in his Easy Time Management presentation can be beneficial to each and every one of us since everyone who attends TUGNET meetings is a busy person. He presents these ideas in a way that we can remember and use to our own advantage, regardless of how we usually plan our days.

What? Plan our days? Well, that may be a starting point for some of us.

Bruce is an engaging and exciting speaker and you will be glad you spent your evening with him. By the way, he gets paid for giving his talks and teaching his techniques in the corporate environment but comes to TUGNET because he likes us. Do come.

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